Sunday, October 12, 2008

10.14-10.19 Saturation Fest, Downtown Riverside

Hey everyone!!

Saturation Fest is an amazing week long celebration of art. Starting Tuesday until Sunday events are scheduled every night varying between 6pm until 2 am for weekdays and all day for the weekend. There are performances by various DJ's, Improv by musicians, displayed art, galleries & performances open in the Riverside Art Museum and Gallery 9, all kinds of workshops (from How to draw Pussies that Look Like Flowers given by Marco Rached, Jr. to Know Your Rights When Facing Police and Immigration given by Elizabeth Venable.) late night dance parties, the Taco Sombrero Bicycle Ride (bring out your bikes, check out all the taco stops in Downtown Riverside and ride with us and the Bicycle Lounge!), and more!

Inkstain Apparel will be at Saturation Fest with a booth collaborating with Dan Nguyen of Demon Slayer. Come visit us! We'll be well equipped with t-shirts, giveaways, stickers, and information on future events.

And, we'll also be there to play and take in the amazing art, artists, performances and charming night lights of Downtown Riverside.

We hope to see you there! =)

- electric eunice of inkstain

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shades of gray said...

how the hell did i know eunice wrote this?