Friday, October 3, 2008

Barney's Night of Failure.

BARNEY OF INKSTAIN... turned 21 for the 3rd time this past Thursday!

Hoo-Rah Barney!

Team Inkstain as well as Team Barney decided to head out to Hollywood with a mission to return home with an inebriated birthday boy after playing at King King and dancing to some house.

After some creepy old men, rythm-less females, a 5 block speed walk in search of a bacon wrapped hot dog stand, and another speed walk to find a wandered off birthday boy, we definitely had a great time, officially confirmed when Barney consistently tried to take his shirt off.

We missed Ervin that night, but in spirit we knew he'd have just as many drinks and have just as much fun =) Next time Ervin!

Here is the damage & possible evidence of blackmail. Oh yes, and Barney claims he does not remember anything. Freaking liar.

Cheers to you Barney! We love you! =)

-electric eunice of inkstain

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